8x65mm GALV HEX DynaBolt


8x65mm GALV HEX DynaBolt

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8x65mm GALV HEX DynaBolt

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  • Sleeve Anchors are pre-assembled single units that are used in pre-drilled holes.
  • They comprise of a threaded stud with a flared cone shaped end, an expandable sleeve & a flange nut.
  • Fixing is achieved by torquing the flange nut which draws the cone up into the sleeve, thereby expanding the three external segments of the sleeve outward and lockingit against the wall of the pre-drilled material.
  • Diameter equals drilled hole size
  • Simple installation through object to be fastened.
  • Variety of diameters & lengths to suit different applications
  • Low costs on supply and installation
  • Can be immediately used
  • Ideally used in applications that requires a medium-duty anchor for fixing into concrete, solid masonry and brick.
  • Typically used by contractors in the building, plumbing, electrical & carpentry trades.
  • Commonly used for securing shelving, racking, brackets, hand rails, door frames, signage, satellite dishes, garage doors, ductwork, piping, electrical cabinets, timber & metal fixing to walls, floors etc.


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